Friday, 29 April 2011


Dream within my dreams,
I was dreaming,
life for me was another dream,
swimming within the depths of imagination,
Feeling the joy it gave!!
...Awakened to witness the paradoxical realities of life!!
willing to loose myself forever into the dream world,
what keeps me up for ever now is the sufferings of my people
who cant even afford a fantasy!!
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                                                         Asad Ashraf

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Might of Tears

I do not let my tears shed away;
To preserve by worthy grief
For greif is the sole cause-
Of my struggle and worries.....

Unfinished Insanity

If  i could hold u back??
Only if i had reasons too!!
My reasons to live may not be the same,
Ur reason's to stay may be insane!!
Sanity to my living,
Is insane to your ways!!
Stuck up in the devastating tides of emotion's.
Hoping to reach the nearest bay !
"finished" , "unfinished"
Yet to discover..

Darkness of Death

A few miles away from the streets
With glitters and lights,
There is a darkness,
Darkness leading to deaths,
I wonder if they are planned??
I wish may be just a limitation of approach!!
Whatever the one who is trapped is you and me ..

Why is this Darkness not universal??
Why has it limitations??
Limitations as planned ??
I wish just a limitation of approach!!

Will their ever be a dawn?
Will their be some light??
I think the answer to all this
Lies in the Darkness of Death..